Enhance Your EMDR Therapy Practice

Enhance Your EMDR Therapy Practice is for mental health professionals done EMDR Training

Sat 21 November 2020 via Zoom

9.00am to 4.30pm

Join Dr Michael Paterson OBE for a highly evaluated workshop designed to Enhance Your EMDR Therapy Practice and take you to a higher level. This is for therapists who have done their standard EMDR training and have used the therapy with clients, either regularly or on occasion. It would suit relatively new EMDR therapists wanting to develop their skills, as well as those working towards Accredited Practitioner status. Existing Accredited Practitioners, considering the goal of Accredited EMDR Consultant, would benefit from this event as it will enhance their recognition of recurring errors, as well as ensuring adherence to the Adaptive Processing Model and three pronged protocol of Past, Present and Future. Those who are a bit rusty in their EMDR practice could benefit from this as a refresher; they would need to have been using the therapy with clients in the past as some retained knowledge is essential.

Learning objectives for Enhance Your EMDR Therapy Practice

  • Gain a fuller understanding of the AIP Model and its application for client selection and treatment planning
  • Gain additional Preparation Phase skills
  • Develop the ability to identify blatant and subtle errors in Phases 3 to 7
  • Reinforce correct application of the three-pronged protocol of past, present and future

6 EMDR Europe CPD points applied for.

The Trainer

The course will be presented by Dr Michael Paterson OBE, a Past President of EMDR Association UK & Ireland. He is a clinical psychologist who specialises in treating trauma in emergency services, dissociative disorders and also people suffering chronic pain. He was specially selected to be a Trainer with the EMDR Institute and was personally trained to the highest standard by Dr Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR. Michael’s mix of humour and interactive teaching style during EMDR training leads to an enjoyable experience for all; he consistently receives positive feedback and high ratings from attendees. Michael developed this course, Enhance Your EMDR Therapy Practice, to help EMDR Therapists become the best they can be in delivering EMDR Therapy. He sees this course as adding to the free training videos and other resources he has made available at the EMDR Masterclass website.

Dr Michael Paterson OBE, EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer

Dr Michael Paterson helps you Enhance your EMDR Therapy Practice

The Venue

Online via Zoom

You can contact Michael’s EMDR training team at EMDR Masterclass

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