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Welcome to our website.   Our aim is to provide our clients with the opportunity to develop themselves to  become all they are capable of being.

Our principal, Dr Michael Paterson OBE, achieves this through speaking at events, group trainings in personal development, one-to-one coaching and/or psychological therapy.

From time to time we invite other inspirational speakers to address events

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "A few can touch the magic string, and noisy fame is proud to win them: Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them!"

We don't want anyone to die with their music still in them. Let us help you release it.


Since 1998, Dr Michael Paterson OBE has helping others reach their true potential. He achieved this through a successful mix of professional speaking engagements, executive training and psychological therapy approaches.


Dr Paterson is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Fellow  of the British Psychological Society.  In 1981, following the amputation of both arms in a rocket attack on his police vehicle in Northern Ireland, he rebuilt his life, changed his career achieving two doctoral degrees in the process, and helped develop the lives of many others.  Michael is now an accomplished Clinical Psychologist who thoroughly enjoys  working with clients to help them become the person  they are truly capable of  being. 

In 2008, in recognition of his achievements, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II granted him the OBE, a highly respected Order of Chivalry.
We invite you to book Michael as a guest speaker to inspire your audience, train your senior staff in self-development, or use his psychological skills to enhance performance in key executives.
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“If ever I have cause to doubt the ability of individuals to triumph over the most terrible problems then I only have to think of my friend Michael Paterson.

Michael was a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary during the dark and difficult times in Northern Ireland. He was on patrol in a Police Land Rover when a missile was fired at the vehicle. It passed through the cab killing the driver and severely wounding Michael. Subsequent surgery resulted in him losing both hands. Later he received two artificial hands. One was fixed and the other was able to be manipulated  by the use of muscles in the  upper arm. Incredibly he learned to write again and not only that, he got himself into University and now has a string of letters behind his name. Today Michael practices in Belfast as a therapist working mainly with individuals who have suffered as a result of severe trauma.
He is one of the most remarkable living examples of how suffering need not destroy but can be used creatively. Apart from being a talented and competent professional Michael is a very nice man indeed and a family man to boot! His amazing story is an inspiration not only to me but to many who have received encouragement from him.” 
Terry Waite CBE           web
Hostages negotiator,
Humanitarian, Author, Keynote Speaker
He took our breath away.
Desmond M. Tutu



“Many people talk about courage and inspiration.  After listening to Michael it becomes clear that this is not just talk.  He is energising, encouraging and most of all inspiring.  A very straight forward man with a smashing message that we all need to hear.”
     René Carayol MBE        web
     Broadcaster, Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Guru
     United Kingdom


His amazing story is an inspiration ....

    Terry Waite


"Dr Michael Paterson OBE is an engaging speaker, with an easy manner and a great sense of humour all of which underpin his professionalism and skill. I knew of Michael before I knew him personally, as he has been an inspiration to many people affected by traumatic experiences in Northern Ireland.  I have known Michael as a professional colleague for several years and find him unfailingly supportive and positive. He is tenacious in his clinical work and in his belief in the power of psychology to transform lives. Michael is the living proof that transformation and growth are possible after apparently adverse life changing experiences."
Sharon Campbell MA(Hons) BSc(Hons) Psych Dip Trauma
Eastern Health and Social Services Board
Northern Ireland
"He has transcended many of life’s most difficult challenges and has emerged with his own brand of kindness, humor and keen intelligence. We are lucky to have him as part of our ever-expanding EMDR community."
    Marilyn Luber PhD - Philadelphia, USA
    In the Spotlight -
    EMDR International Association Newsletter 2005
"I will never forget meeting Michael Paterson for the first time.  It was the sudden realisation that the hand which I grasped was artificial.  I don’t know whether my face portrayed the surprise or even shock, but I do know that Michael, who came across with such warmth and integrity made that moment easy for me.  It was, I think, the Confirmation service of one of his daughters.  All I can say is that there was something about Michael’s humanity and openness which deeply impacted me.  He is an amazing example of someone who has come through the troubles scarred in his flesh, but whole in his being.  More than that, God has used his experience for good, and he is such a blessing to those who meet with him and hear him.  I gladly commend Michael’s work. "
Rt. Revd. Harold Miller,
Bishop of Down & Dromore
"A sagacious, calm, accomplished and confident speaker who connects with and captures his audience immediately, easily holding their full attention throughout.  Inspiring, thought provoking, sometimes life changing, his oratory stays with you long after you have left the room.
Dr Paterson is an expert in assessing the level to which he directs his address.  No hesitation in my weighty recommendation."
   Anne O'Neill
   Chief Welfare Officer, Charity Trustee
   United Kingdom
He is energising, encouraging and most of all, inspiring.
   René Carayol


"One of the most deeply moving moments in the BBC series Facing the Truth, about Northern Ireland, for us on the 3 person panel facilitating the exchanges between victim and perpetrator from both sides of the ‘Troubles’, was surely when Michael Paterson sat opposite an IRA member. He had lost both arms in an IRA attack and should have been bristling with anger and resentment against those who had left him so disabled physically. The IRA man spoke quietly about his upbringing suffering from the poverty and deprivation and discrimination that tended to be the lot of Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland. When he finished we turned to Michael to hear how he would respond. It is true you could have knocked us down with a feather when we heard what he said.  We would understood perfectly if he had railed against the movement that nothing justified his mutilation. Nothing of the sort. Equally quietly Michael something like, 'If I had grown up like you under similar conditions I would have done what you did’. It fairly blew your mind.

It was an epiphany, a holy moment when we should really have taken off our shoes because we were on holy ground. He took our breath away. And yes we give great thanks to God for him and for others like him who have made possible the miracle we now see unfolding in Northern Ireland where an Ian Paisley could laugh and joke with a Martin McGuinness and serve in the same administration. God be praised."

       +Desmond M. Tutu
       Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa


In writing about people who have overcome great challenges to become successful, Denis Waitley, the famous personal development author, states, "When you learn what many of them had to endure, you are less overwhelmed by the obstacles you face. Every hardship you face has been endured and conquered by someone before you."

Join the many others who have benefited from Dr Paterson's words of wisdom, personable style, and clinical psychology skills.  Please contact us using the link below.


Dr Michael Paterson OBE at his Investiture
at Buckingham Palace
28 November 2008


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